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  • Making of clutches

    About making couture

    Inspired by my ballet pointe shoes, I use the “stich and return” technique which allows me to create clutches with only one visible seam. This technique gives my creations an apparent clean and neat look. Various parts are handcrafted and every detail – even if not visible – is elaborated with great finesse and care.

    Chosen for their extraordinary level of sophistication, quality and individuality I exclusively work with haute couture and well known designer fabrics. Every year I personally purchase them in the most famous fashion metropolises.

    Although my heart beats for the métiers d’art and their specific ancestral techniques in embroidery, beading and sequin applications, I also deeply cherish cutting edge production techniques. In fact many of my clutches acquire their unique look through printed sequins, 3D sequin embroidery, all over lace appliqués, embroidered laser cuts, etc.

    For the winter collections I mostly turn to bouclé fabrics; I love their variety of structure and texture. For a more prestigious touch I recently added fur to the assortment.

    With this concept nothing is left to chance: specific accessories such as leather flowers are created in collaboration with artisans from a family owned company based in New York City which has been complementing the fashion industry for almost a century, the rhinestones are exclusively Swarovski elements and the closure settings are provided by a leading Italian supplier of handbag accessories.

    Many clutches are imagined and created upon specific client requests and are unique pieces. My mission is to design an accessory that simply suits you. Therefore, all clutches are created in very limited editions.

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